Ukrainian air defense system S-300 mistakenly shot down a Romanian fighter

Ukraine mistakenly shot down a Romanian MiG-21 fighter.

The Ukrainian S-300 complex mistakenly shot down a Romanian combat aircraft. The incident took place a few days ago, however, information about the destruction of the MiG-21 fighter of the Romanian Air Force was confirmed only now.

According to a number of data, due to the difficult situation on the border of Romania and Ukraine, the Romanian Air Force raised its combat aircraft to escort the Ukrainian fighter in order to prevent violations of the country's border. However, Ukrainian air defense systems mistakenly mistook the MiG-21 for an enemy aircraft and opened fire on it without warning.

“In Romania, they said that the MiG-21 aircraft of the national air force was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile of the air defense of Ukraine. Presumably, it was a missile of the S-300PS complex. Earlier Ukrainian media claimed that the MiG-21 Lancer fighter of the Romanian Air Force crashed. The plane disappeared from radar while flying over the Black Sea. A rescue helicopter was sent to search for him, which also crashed, this was confirmed by the Romanian Air Force. As officially announced in Bucharest, the IAR 330 helicopter went in the evening in search of the MiG-21 Lancer, with which radio contact was lost. The pilot managed to report bad weather and was ordered to return to base, the Romanian Air Force said in a statement. There were five soldiers on board. By the way, according to media reports, the Romanian fighter escorted the Ukrainian Su-27., says "mailBD".

Taking into account the crash site of the MiG-21 fighter, only the Ukrainian S-300 complex could bring it down.


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