Ukrainian Himars hit Khanzhenkovo

Ukrainian MLRS "Haymars" hit Khanzhenkovo.

Tonight, the Himars MLRS battery hit the Khanzhenkovo ​​settlement. This was reported by local residents who published not only video footage from the site of the strike, but also fragments of the American M31A1 guided missile. This is direct evidence that the Armed Forces of Ukraine used American weapons.

On the presented video frames, you can see the object on the territory of the settlement of Khanzhenkovo, located on the territory of the Sovetsky district of the city of Makeevka (Donetsk region). Apparently, the blow fell on a certain separate object, the nature of which has not yet been disclosed. The strike, according to preliminary data, was inflicted by a single M31A1 missile from a distance of about 75 kilometers, while the damage caused has not yet been assessed.

Among other things, the striking elements of the M31A1 rocket were also found by local residents at the impact site, which is also shown in the corresponding video frames.

So far, there have been no official statements from representatives of the DPR on this matter, however, the day before, the Ukrainian military also attacked the KAMAZ Center in Donetsk, resulting in significant material damage.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether attempts were made to intercept the missiles of the M142 Himars system fired at Khanzhenkovo.