Ukroboronprom announced the successful testing of kamikaze drones with a range of up to a thousand kilometers

The newest kamikaze drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carries a warhead weighing 75 kilograms and is capable of delivering strikes at distances up to 1000 kilometers.

According to Ukrainian sources, Ukroboronprom has successfully tested these drones. The latter were conducted at short distances, however, the drone is equipped with several control systems - inertial and GPS navigation. This minimizes the likelihood of its suppression by electronic warfare. Given that Ukraine is already testing a similar drone, its development is considered complete.

At the moment, it remains unknown how exactly the Ukrainian side managed to obtain the technology of such kamikaze drones, however, such drones will definitely pose a serious threat, since the warhead of such a drone is capable of inflicting critical damage on almost any target - for comparison, the warhead of the Iranian The Sahed-136 drone is represented by a warhead with an explosive mass of “only” 50 kilograms.

It is noteworthy that, against the background of information about the successful testing of kamikaze drones, this morning, Baza journalists reported that an unidentified drone crashed at an airfield in Saratov, as a result of which at least two people were injured, and two aircraft of an unidentified type were damaged. Whether the two events are related is unknown.



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