Iran's ultimatum to Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan expires in four days.

The leadership of Iraqi Kurdistan has four days left before the expiration of the Iranian ultimatum.

In the event that the leadership of a special region in northern Iraq refuses to comply with it, Iran will send its troops to this territory, which are already located several kilometers from the border with Iraq.

The situation on the border of Iran and Iraq is becoming extremely tense, as Iraq has emphasized its readiness to act against the IRGC if Iranian troops risk invading the territory of a sovereign state. Moreover, there are at least two American military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan. In this regard, there is a risk that US troops may also try to confront Iran, which threatens a serious armed conflict.

Before the announcement ultimatum, Iran has been carrying out massive strikes on Iraqi Kurdistan for three days, using tactical missiles and strike-type drones.

The reason for the conflict between Iran and the Kurds was that the Kurdish formations supported the protests on the territory of Iran and, in fact, because of the disinformation of the Kurds, the protests themselves began.


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