Syria's improved air defense intercepted all Israeli missiles during today's nightly strike. Video

Israel again attacked Syria, but to no avail.

Last night, Israel made another attempt to strike at Syria - Damascus and its environs were again hit, however, quite unexpectedly for Israel, after the improvement of the Syrian air defense systems, as previously reported, all the attacks of military aircraft were reflected, even taking into account that the military used anti-radar missiles, which, according to Israeli experts, are killers of Russian air defense systems.

On the presented video frames, you can see that even with a powerful radio-electronic impact on the radar of Syria’s air defense systems, the missiles launched accurately hit Israeli Delilah anti-radar cruise missiles.

In total, Israeli fighter jets fired 10 cruise missiles, while one of them was drowned out by electronic warfare, and another 9 were successfully intercepted by Syrian air defense systems, which successfully demonstrated their readiness to repel Israeli strikes.

Official Tel Aviv does not comment on the shameful use of "killers of air defense systems", however, it is obvious that after the improvement of Syrian air defense systems, they have become much more effective in terms of their application.

Currently, it is known that Israel delivered attacks from Lebanese airspace, however, unknown targets were also seen in southern Syria - they entered Syrian airspace from Jordan, but later left the territory of the Arab Republic.