The MiG aircraft designer died


The MiG aircraft designer died

On February 28, at the age of 95, after a long serious illness, the honored general designer of the Mikoyan experimental design bureau, Rostislav Belyakov, died.

Belyakov's labor activity was associated with the creation of aircraft of the "MiG" type. Upon arrival in 1941 in a special design Department of Designer Mikoyan, since 1969, he served as the chief designer of the bureau and worked in this position until 1997, after which he worked as an advisor to the general designer.

Under the leadership of Belyakov, a front-line lightweight fighter MiG29 And interceptor - fighter MiG31, As well as bomber - fighter MiG27, Different aircraft variations MiG21, MiG23 и MiG25, And a number of completely new types of aircraft.


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