Drone strike


The destruction of American howitzers M777 hit the video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine lost the first American M777 howitzers.

Delivered a few days ago to Ukraine, American M777 howitzers were discovered and subjected to the first strikes. Thanks to the rapid detection of a column with these weapons, it was possible to destroy or damage several artillery pieces, however, apparently, we are talking about a small number of American-made howitzers.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the initial strike on the positions of the M777 howitzers is applied using a kamikaze drone, however, the latter is clearly flying, and therefore the damage to the guns, if any, was very insignificant.

However, in another fragment of the video, you can see how an unknown munition with a cluster warhead is being struck at the deployment area of ​​light howitzers of the US Armed Forces, in connection with which some of the guns, if not destroyed, were seriously damaged, according to Ukrainian sources, two artillery pieces were put out of action (presumably temporarily).

Experts note that given the relatively small number of M777 howitzers in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the latter will be quickly destroyed.