The destruction of an artillery mount capable of delivering nuclear strikes was caught on video

The moment of the destruction of self-propelled guns capable of firing nuclear weapons was caught on video.

As a result of a high-precision strike, a heavy self-propelled artillery mount capable of firing tactical nuclear weapons was destroyed. We are talking about a large-caliber self-propelled guns, the explosion from the detonation of ammunition of which turned out to be so powerful that the fireball rose to a height of 40 meters, which is comparable to the height of a 14-story residential building.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment when an unidentified ammunition hit a large-caliber self-propelled artillery mount.

Due to the fact that the video shows the moment when the artillery mount was already hit, it is not possible to establish for certain the type of equipment destroyed. However, we are talking about either 203 mm. self-propelled artillery mount 2S7 "Pion", or self-propelled 240-mm. mortar 2S4 "Tulip" - both of these combat vehicles are capable of firing nuclear tactical ammunition.

Judging by the location of the large-caliber self-propelled guns, the latter was covered by some kind of production facility. Moreover, the latter was clearly not affected by the impact (it was destroyed earlier), which indicates that the attack on the large-caliber self-propelled guns was carried out using high-precision ammunition.