The destruction of the Syrian T-72 in Damascus hit the video

After getting from the RPG, the Syrian T-72 tank flashed like a match, but the crew managed to escape.

At the disposal of the resource was a video published by the militants of one of the Syrian terrorist groups, which captured the destruction of the Syrian T-72 tank in Damascus. As a result of hitting a tank fired from an RPG, a heavy armored vehicle flashed like a match - a powerful pillar of fire near the tank almost broke the hatches in the tower, however, most surprisingly, one of the crew members managed to survive - he left the tank on his own.

In the presented video, you can see the moment a RPG shot hit the tank and almost instantly ignite a heavy armored vehicle and detonate the ammunition - the explosion was avoided, however, the T-72 tank itself broke out like a match, which, apparently, did not leave the tank crew any chances for the rescue. However, after a few more moments, you can see that one of the crew members successfully left the tank, apparently moving under the bottom of the tank - judging by the video, he did not even receive any serious injuries.

It is known that the video was made in 2013, i.e. in fact, at the time of the outbreak of the military conflict in Syria, at the same time, the rescue of a tank crew member had already been christened a damask miracle.

Of course, this video is still 2013, here's the news presented

It can be seen that the man was to the left of the tank (possibly lying). If the crew was inside, then there was absolutely no chance of salvation.

This video has been around for several years.