Tank blast


The destruction of the T-72 tank from the missile system was caught on the video of foreign journalists

The moment of the destruction of the T-72 tank was caught on the cameras of foreign journalists.

A convoy moving across Ukraine, which included foreign journalists, witnessed the destruction of a T-72 tank. As a result of a direct hit on the tank by a missile fired from an anti-tank missile system, an instantaneous detonation of the tank's ammunition occurred, as a result of which the combat vehicle was destroyed.

On the presented video frames, you can see all the circumstances of the incident, which clearly demonstrates the capabilities of anti-tank weapons, which, in fact, turned a heavy 40-ton combat vehicle into a huge ball of fire, causing critical damage to the latter.

Despite the absence of any details, experts are of the opinion that the anti-tank missile pierced the tank's armor through and through, since only in this case an instantaneous detonation of the tank's ammunition is possible. However, there are no details on this yet.

In which region of Ukraine the incident presented in the video footage occurred has not yet been specified, however, according to experts, the tank crew had practically no chance.