The destruction of the Ukrainian Su-25 in Bakhmut PMC "Wagner" hit the video

Members of PMC "Wagner" showed the destruction of the Ukrainian Su-25 in Bakhmut.

Despite the fact that the situation in Bakhmut is extremely difficult at the moment, it is known that this does not prevent the Armed Forces of Ukraine from using their combat aircraft to strike at the eastern outskirts of the city. However, members of the Wagner PMC managed to catch the Ukrainian pilot and shoot him down at an almost unbelievable distance for a MANPADS of 8300 meters. The corresponding video footage was published on the web.

On video footage published by members of the PMC "Wagner", you can see the moment the missile was launched at the Ukrainian plane and, allegedly, the moment it crashed in the Bakhmut area. It is reported that we are talking about the Su-25 attack aircraft. However, what is quite remarkable, the attack aircraft was shot down at a distance of 8300 meters. This is almost the limit for almost any portable anti-aircraft missile system.

Judging by the video footage, a Ukrainian combat aircraft crashed on the territory of a private house and caught fire. The fate of the crew remains unknown, however, due to their self-confidence, the Ukrainian Air Force lost another Su-25 attack aircraft, of which Ukraine has relatively few left.


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