"Destroyed" Azerbaijani airport in Ganja has not received a single damage

The journalists showed. what the airport in Ganja, destroyed by Armenia, looks like.

Despite Armenia’s statements that the Azerbaijani airport in Ganja, where Turkish F-16 fighters were based, was destroyed as a result of a massive missile strike, it turned out that the images taken from the site were a common fake - the “destroyed” airport, which became a military base for Turkish military aircraft, did not receive a single damage.

The actively disseminated photos with the destroyed building of the Ganja airport terminal turned out to be nothing more than a fake - in fact, we are talking about the Luhansk airport, and this is also confirmed by satellite images taken just a few days after the statement of the Armenian Ministry of Defense.

At the same time, several ballistic missiles were launched in the direction of the Ganja airport, however, under still unclear circumstances, the latter fell right in the center of Azerbaijan's second largest city, which indicates either a miss or a special jamming by Azerbaijan ...

For what purpose Yerevan began to disseminate false information on this matter - it is not known, however, they are completely and completely refuted.