Destroyed RQ-4: analysts have noticed a strange circumstance

Experts have discovered a strange circumstance in the case of the destruction of RQ-4.

During an independent investigation into the fact of destroying an American drone in Iranian airspace, experts noticed a mysterious circumstance that may indicate that the American Boeing P-8A Poseidon could also be destroyed by an Iranian missile, and only a few minutes after RQ- Xnumx


Experts pay attention to the frame from the record made by the US Navy's electronic intelligence board, where you can clearly see the height of the flight of an American aircraft - it is about 6760 meters (22202 feet - ed.). Given that fact. that the record of the destruction of the American drone was made from a distance of several kilometers, it is logical to assume that in reality, the strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4 Global Hawk was not at all at an altitude of 18 kilometers (60000 feet - ed.) as it was originally stated, but much below. For what reasons, the American side said that the drone was at an altitude of 18 kilometers, so far remains unknown.

Considering the presented videotape, the American military aircraft was only 3,5-4 kilometers away from the drone, while it followed the course directly to the borders of Iran, which indicates that the American military aircraft also practically violated the border of Iran.

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