Plane landing


Unique landing of Tu-154 at a small airfield

March 31. Pilots of the Russian civil aviation carried out a unique landing of the Tu-154 on a short runway, from which takeoff and landing were considered impossible until now.

Ordinary civilian aircraft Tu-154 I made a takeoff from the airport Smyshlyaevka, half the length of the runway which is nominally required for take-off aircraft. In order to alleviate some of the conditions the pilots, the plane had no passengers, thus allowing to save several acceleration and braking distance airliner.

Despite the fact that all unique experiment lasted only for a few minutes, the preparation for it was carried out within six months, during which the pilots practiced their steps carefully as aviatrenazhёrah and airfields on this, trying to minimize the length of the runway. Almost immediately after the plane made the takeoff, he went to the turn, and began to head for the landing, which also took place without any deviations from previously planned.

It is worth noting that the purpose of the experiment was the possibility of testing the aircraft in case of the required necessary landing without the presence of a small runway runway.