Ship explosion


The unique armament of the Russian Su-57 fighter makes it possible to "tear in half" large warships

The Russian fifth generation fighter is capable of single-handedly destroying enemy ships.

The wide range of weapons used by the Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighters forced the American edition of The Military Watch to recognize the lethality of this combat vehicle, not only for air targets, but also for ships. According to experts, in the event of a collision of the Russian Su-57 with enemy ships, the missiles in service with a combat aircraft are capable of breaking and tearing in half warships.

The capabilities of the Russian Su-57 combat aircraft are truly broad. If earlier it was assumed that the key feature of the Su-57 is the conquest of air supremacy, today we know about the ability of the fighter to fight ground targets and ships. The key problem that the enemy should expect from the Russian Su-57 is the Dagger missile, which is capable of destroying ships.

“The Su-57 can carry X-58 anti-radar missiles, which are optimized to neutralize enemy radars and air defense targets by targeting the radiation of enemy radars to prepare a foothold for old non-invisible aircraft. A number of variants of this missile have been developed, which, with a range of more than 150 km, is a potentially ideal weapon for "sniper" shooting. The older Kh-38M missile has a large 250-kilogram warhead in various variants using satellite, infrared, laser and radar guidance systems to deliver high-precision strikes. Their speed is twice the speed of sound, and they are significantly faster than most cruise missiles, making them difficult to intercept. A variant of the Kh-38 tactical cruise missile, known as the Kh-36 Thunder, is also expected to be armed with the Su-57. However, the speed that the Dagger missile has is considered sufficient to rip even the largest warships in half with a single blow. With a range of more than 1000 km, the Su-57 will become an excellent ship hunter ", - reports the publication "The Military Watch"

By the end of this year, the Russian Aerospace Forces are planning to supply several more Su-57 fifth-generation fighters.

old rocket X-38M ??? !!!

Vyacheslav, as they say: only cats are born quickly ... In 1986 ((my data) Bereza airbase, one of the first IAP MiG-29), there was talk about a new T-10 fighter ... The first flight according to Vicki Su-27 committed in 1977 ...
A person is born after 9 months of conception ... and becomes a man after 18 years ...

We are looking forward to hearing when at least the SECOND Su-57 will arrive at the Russian Aerospace Forces. And when at least a few combat pilots learn to fly on them, and not Sukhoi's testers, and most importantly, when at least 10-15 technicians, army, and not factory technicians, learn to serve them on the ground.