Unique bomber PAK DA will be assembled in a year and a half

The unique Russian strategic bomber PAK DA will be assembled within 1,5-2 years.

The newest Russian strategic bomber of the PAK DA project, named "Messenger", will be prepared for testing and assembled by 2023. Information on this subject was announced by a source in the aircraft industry. This obviously implies that most of the development work has already been completed.

It is known that the assembly of the PAK DA strategic bomber has actually begun. Due to the responsibility of this process, it will be possible to fully complete the construction of the demonstration unit only by 2023, which, nevertheless, indicates that it is ahead of the previously established schedules.

“At present, a prototype is being manufactured. It is assumed that the demonstration model will be ready by 2023 ", - said in the message of the source.

To date, the appearance of a new generation of domestic strategic bomber, its main technical characteristics and combat capabilities have been determined. This does not exclude the possibility that the prototype of the bomber will take off by 2025, and by the end of the decade it will be adopted by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Earlier, the news agency reported that the Russian "Messenger" was developed using "stealth" technologies, which makes it possible to break through enemy air defense areas.

It will probably be tailless.