Anticipating pilot error. The prototype of artificial intelligence aircraft.


Anticipating pilot error. The prototype of artificial intelligence aircraft.

Anticipating pilot error. The prototype of artificial intelligence aircraft.

Despite the fact that air transport is considered one of the safest in the world, the number of disasters, incidents and emergencies increases with each subsequent year, and experts quite rightly note that at least half of emergencies arise from - due to the mistakes of the pilots, and although it is impossible to completely eliminate the human factor, experts try to minimize the emergencies, however, this is not always possible.

At the moment, specialists from Sweden are working on creating a special program that will be able to track all the actions of the pilot performed by him in the course of controlling the aircraft. According to the information voiced for the press, a computer program registers every pilot action, starting from preparing the aircraft for flight, and ending with braking on the runway. The control commands are registered by the computer device, while, in the event of any error, for example, in the event of an emergency, technical malfunction, performing a dangerous maneuver, roll, etc., the computer will be able to notify the aircraft commander and transmit information about it directly to the ground, which will allow to register all cases and errors during the piloting of the aircraft.

At first glance it might seem that the idea is not worth its embodiment, but, in fact, Swedish experts are trying to create a prototype of an artificial intelligence that can not only handle errors of the crew, but actually anticipate them, and even corrected, including suggesting how the optimal decision for one or the other situation, and independently carrying out of this situation.

According to experts, thanks to such a development, the chance of an aircraft getting into an emergency due to technical problems and unqualified actions of pilots is reduced by at least 35%, however, the development itself will still take quite a long trial period, and only it will act correctly on all 100%, attempts will be made to integrate the system into aircraft.

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