"Ugly, like a fat duck": in the United States criticized the Russian Mi-35

In the United States, the Russian attack helicopter Mi-35 was criticized.

The US military publication We Are The Migty criticized the Russian assault helicopter Mi-35, calling it not only clumsy but also ugly, stressing that the machine is quite effective in battle.

“Mi-35 look awkward on the ground, but in the air they are vicious, like a fat duck on steroids. When they fly in large formations, they can throw whole platoons of infantry into battle and provide support in close combat. They are expensive and clumsy, but their possibilities are really wide. ”notes edition.

Remarkable is the fact that when describing a Russian combat helicopter, the American edition actively criticizes it only for its appearance, which, by the way, is completely unacceptable, since we are talking about a strike machine, and not about a business helicopter, 35 has proven itself in real battles, and therefore claims to its appearance are at least redundant.

Experts do not exclude that the reason for criticism was the interest in these Russian military helicopters from Russian partners in the field of military-technical cooperation.

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