The water level in the Tobol River near Kurgan rose in a day to 865 centimeters

The water level in the Tobol River near Kurgan has reached critical levels, causing serious concerns among local authorities and residents of the region. As of the morning of April 17, the water level was 865 centimeters, which significantly exceeds the level of the dangerous phenomenon, set at 850 centimeters. This was a consequence of the rapid rise in water level, which over the past two days has increased by 234 centimeters.

In connection with the critical situation, the regional government called on residents of the flooded zones of Kurgan and the Ketovsky municipal district to immediately begin evacuation. Particular attention was paid to the Poplar microdistrict, where water has already reached the areas adjacent to the school. The city administration emphasizes the need for urgent evacuation to prevent loss of life and reduce property damage.

The regional State Emergency Service of Russia informs that the water rise will continue in the coming days, and it is expected that the water level may increase by another 30-100 centimeters. The Ural Hydrometeorological Center predicts that the maximum expected water level could reach 1070 centimeters by April 18.

There is also a threat of flooding of important industrial facilities, including the Kurganmashzavod enterprise, known for its production of armored vehicles. This could have serious consequences not only for the region’s economy, but also for the country’s defense industry.


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