Asleep passenger left alone in a closed airliner

The woman fell asleep and was left alone in a dark plane.

Canadian citizen Tiffany Adams flew from Quebec to Toronto. The duration of the flight was only 90 minutes. Less than half way, she fell asleep. The publication “The Independent” reports that no one woke the passenger. She just did not notice. The plane parked with her. Adams woke up in a dark locked plane.

The passenger told:

"I woke up around midnight (a few hours after landing) in my seat, shrouded in cold in pitch darkness."

Adams tried to call his girlfriend, but her phone was dead a minute after the call. Since there was no electricity in the plane, it was impossible to charge the phone. According to the girl, for her it was a real nightmare.

Adams found a flashlight in the plane and managed to open the door, but the height was too great. The girl sat up, her legs dangling, and began to send distress signals with a flashlight. Finally, she saw a loader carrying luggage. The man was also shocked by the fact that Adams was forgotten on the plane.

Talking about what happened, the girl said that because of what happened she suffers from nightmares. Waking up in the middle of the night, she feels locked up in a dark place. The airline "Air Canada", performing the flight, reported that it is investigating what happened.


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