Emergency evacuation


Approved emergency mode: Russia is preparing for large-scale evacuation due to coronavirus

Russia is preparing for a full-scale evacuation of citizens.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved a plan to introduce an emergency regime on the territory of the Russian Federation. Relevant decree Government includes a summary of the rules for the introduction of emergency or high alert and provides for mandatory informing the public about the upcoming evacuation. About what сообщает publication "Lenta.ru".

When introducing a high alert or emergency, citizens are required, inter alia:

  • comply with public order and legal requirements;
  • comply with the legal requirements of authorized officials;
  • evacuate from the territory in which there is a threat of an emergency, or use collective or personal protective equipment;
  • to carry and present at the request of authorized officials a document proving the identity of the citizen.

Citizens are prohibited from:

  • create conditions that impede and impede the actions of authorized officials and public transport workers; go over the fence indicating the emergency zone or other dangerous zone;
  • to carry out actions that endanger their own safety, life and health;
  • to carry out actions that pose a threat to the safety, life, health, sanitary and epidemiological well-being of other persons located in the territory in which there is a threat of an emergency, or in the emergency zone;
  • disseminate deliberately false information about the threat of an emergency.

At the moment, there is no question of introducing an emergency mode in Russia, however, given the fact that earlier Vladimir Putin allowed the government to independently introduce an emergency regime in the country and individual regions, this possibility is probably being actively considered, although according to official data, the situation in Russia is far from critical.

Evacuation in order to spread the virus to non-infected areas, and then something dies a little

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On the Far Eastern hectare

Isn’t it clear? Under the plausible pretext of fighting infection, ghettos will be created where everyone will get a chip in their head, meaning their alleged "state of vaccination" against the virus. The basis will be the need for strict control over the number and well-being of "vaccinated". The World Government Plan is in action and is in an active phase.

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