Iran air defense


Have you rubbed your nose on the S-300? With the advent of Iranian air defense BAVAR-373 in Syria, Israel has not bombed the SAR for 2 months

Iranian air defense systems BAVAR-373 proved to be more effective than the S-300 and S-400.

After Russia supplied Syria with S-300 complexes, and announced its intentions to use its S-400 complexes, in the event of new strikes against Syria from Israel, the Israeli Air Force continued to strike at the Arab republic, and never received However, after Iran put BAVAR-373 complexes into service with Syria, Tel Aviv has been hesitating to provoke for the second month.

Experts draw attention to the fact that despite the fact that Iranian military aircraft continue to supply various kinds of weapons to Syria, Israel does not dare to make new provocations, realizing that now the sky is controlled by the Iranian military, who will attack fighters without warning and even on the territory of neighboring with Syria states.

“During the two years of being in service with Syria, the S-300 have never been activated. With Iranian air defense systems, the situation has changed dramatically - Russia has lost control over the airspace of the SAR, and now Iran independently determines which targets it will shoot down ", - the expert marks.

Earlier, the Syrian media reported that the S-300 radars for unknown reasons are turned off at the moment the Israeli air force strikes, and therefore, fire on enemy aircraft was never opened.


Statistics is a stubborn thing, let's see for a period of at least 3 missile launches from an air defense system of this type. The effectiveness of the air defense system is the detection of a target and its destruction with a minimum number of missiles (there is even a coefficient to display this)

The effectiveness of an air defense system is determined by the detection of targets and the number of missiles spent on its destruction (determined in the coefficient).
Savva, can you provide data on the S-300 launches in Syria?
Transferred to the SAR army in 2018, they do not work yet. There are several explanations: 1) Israeli planes do not enter Syrian airspace, strikes from Lebanon, etc.
2) insufficient level of qualifications of the Syrian military personnel to service such complex anti-aircraft missile systems (Perhaps they are still being prepared)
3) Possible placement of the KMC does not yet reveal their capabilities.
Make an assessment of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of their combat use is NOT possible now.
American air defense systems "Patriot" have already passed ballistic missiles when shelling an airfield in Saudi Arabia
rebels in Ymen.
But you don't write about their "efficiency" .. :)))

The fact is a stubborn thing, now Iran has set up and brought into combat readiness its counterparts s-300 in Syria, so what? Did it help?

The main thing is Sava, that you believe in it, like others. May the naivety be with you .... :)

"On Wednesday night, November 18, the Israel Defense Forces attacked military targets in Syria belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army, the IDF press service reported." - :-))))

ak a mustache just .... that your s-300, that the Iranian..bavar, metal scrap!

True, this only speaks about the desire to hit or not and not about the quality of the weapon

Neighing :)

It's just that Israel, as usual, is waiting, or maybe collecting data, but definitely Israel has its own interests.
We are not afraid - our Aerospace Forces do not need to bomb the SAR, since it is an ally. But Idlib probably can ...

We are just afraid, but Iran is not

This does not mean the tactical and technical parameters of the weapon. This speaks of Russia's desire to please both ours and yours. Iran will not smear snot and will immediately embed.