Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Uzbek Airlines will start using Boeing 787 airliners from the third quarter

Airline "Uzbekistan Airways" will start operating Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft from this autumn.

Press service of the national air carrier of Uzbekistan reported that in the second half of August, the airline will begin to conduct operations for passenger airliners Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Currently active preparation is conducted to the top of the use of these modern aircraft, including relates this to the staff, which later will serve aircrafts of this model, which, to date, in the park of airline "Uzbekistan Airways" has two copies.

By what route will fly the new passenger aircraft to date remains unknown, but is likely to court airliners will operate flights to the European countries.

I think the Dreamliner will be used mainly for translaticheskih marshrtuov (Tashkent-New York). With ekonimichnyh x 787-cost airlines are much cheaper besperechadochnye long-haul routes. I note that at the moment of NAC Uzbekistan Airways is the only airline in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, which operates scheduled flights to the United States (with an intermediate connection in Riga)



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