French military


Already 150 French soldiers have threatened Macron with a coup d'état

The French army threatens Macron with a military coup.

After the French authorities ignored the appeal of 1000 French officers who warned French President Emmanuel Macron about the readiness for a military coup in the country if the latter does not ensure internal security and stability in the country, representatives of the French army signed a new open letter, however, this time demands were made by 150 thousand French military, which, with the size of the regular French army of 220 thousand, testifies to the seriousness of the situation.

"More than 150 French military have signed a civil war warning letter demanding serious anti-Islamist changes in society.", - informs "Internewscast".

Earlier, the French defense department tried to take tough measures against the thousand of the officers who signed the letter. However, it is obvious that now the French authorities will have to make concessions, since having lost control over an army of 150 thousand troops, Paris can really get a military coup d'état, and this is without taking into account the active support from the overwhelming majority of French citizens.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the French Ministry of Defense on this matter, however, the situation is heating up very quickly, since an ultimatum has actually been delivered to official Paris.

150 thousand soldiers are taken to the pont of Micron. Such questions are decided by the highest military commanders, but not by the crowd. But it's still funny. "Threatened". Haha.

Cho want that?

Basically, after the start of the open door policy. I assumed the problem is in Europe. But before the military coup, I did not think of it. And there the Germans will begin to revolt, because the Muslims have terrorized the population.