F-15 fighters with AIM-18 air-to-air missiles are circling 120 kilometers from the border with Ukraine

Two American F-18 fighters armed with AIM-120 missiles were spotted on the Ukrainian border.

A couple of American F-15 fighter jets were spotted 18 kilometers from the border of Romania and Ukraine, performing strange maneuvers. It is noteworthy that the fighters are armed only with air-to-air cruise missiles, and we are talking about long-range variants of AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles capable of hitting targets at distances up to 180 kilometers.

Residents of the northeastern part of Romania report high activity of American F-18 fighters near the Black Sea coast. It is noted that the US Air Force planes were recorded only 15 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, while the latter make strange maneuvers. Judging by the description, the aircraft are armed with AIM-120 AMRAAM cruise missiles. The same data is also confirmed by the data of the monitoring resources "ADS-B Exchange" and "Flightradar 24", according to which the aircraft carried out many hours of flight, focusing mainly on the northeastern part of the Black Sea.

It is noted that such flights are carried out with a regular frequency - not only several times a week, but several times a day, while American F-22 fighters were also seen here earlier.

The circumstances of the appearance of American fighters here remain unknown, however, given the fact that the latter do not even mask their presence, it is obvious that in this way the Pentagon is trying to demonstrate force.


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