The airline Aero YUVT


In 2016, the airline "YUVT Aero" made a profit

The airline "YUVT Aero" came out in profit.

As it became known, following the results of 2016, the Tatarstan air carrier "UWT Aero" achieved a profit of 321,7 million rubles, although in 2015, the company had a loss of 121,6 million rubles. Current indicators point to the fact that the management of the air operator conducts the correct strategy for the development of activities, in addition, previously the resource repeatedly noted the success of "YUVT Aero", in particular, it may be about the same punctuality of the flights performed.

Experts have suggested that, at the current pace of its operations, following the results of 2017, the airline "YUVT Aero" can achieve a net profit of 500 million rubles.