Sochi Airport


In 2016 year from Sochi will be flying to Beijing and Urumqi

Flights from Sochi to Beijing and Urumqi may appear as early as May 2016.

According to some reports, at present, active negotiations on the fact of the organization of direct passenger flights between Sochi and cities of China, and from the information disposable was well known and that is interested in this, not only Russians, but also the Chinese partners.

It is expected that passenger flights will be operated exclusively by the Russian air carriers, in particular, we are talking about companies such as "Taimyr”And“ Orenburg Airlines ”, however, it is possible that passenger transportation can also be organized by Chinese aircraft operators, which will largely depend on the volume of passenger traffic in the current routes.

The exact date of the beginning of the air traffic is likely to be known only at the beginning of the year 2016.