State tests of the Russian self-propelled howitzer "Koalitsiya-SV" will start in 2022

The main military department of the Russian Federation approved a plan for state tests of the self-propelled howitzer "Coalition-SV". In accordance with the schedule, they will start next year and end in September, - said a source in the Ministry of Defense.

Tests are carried out in order to verify the reliability of the installation and compliance with the tactical and technical characteristics. Based on the data received, the ACS will be put into service with the Russian Military Forces.

“It is capable of destroying important targets deep behind enemy lines. First of all, we are talking about enemy command posts: missile defense and air defense systems, field airfields, rocky roads and supply lines. ", - says military expert Aleksey Khlopotov about the ACS.

In addition, it became known that the "Coalition-SV" is based on the platform of the T-90 tank. This allows it to be armed with a long-barreled 152-mm howitzer 2A88. In addition, the ACS was equipped with an alcohol solution cooling system to avoid overheating during intense firing.

In 41, rubber wheels lost out to horse traction.
Eighty years have passed. Nothing has changed (you immediately understand if you left the federal highway and tried to get to my grandmother's house in the village of Gadyukino).
So there is no alternative to caterpillars in Russia. If only by air.

For whom and what is it better for?

Great news. Especially about the alcohol solution. During the tests of the liquid-propellant engine, we were also given an alcohol solution for wiping sensors, containers, etc. The main thing is that the solution is ethyl. And if, God forbid, methyl - the enemies will not need Turkish drones.

Do you mind the crew? Men will get drunk.

Better on rubber wheels, 21st century all the same