Ukraine to receive at least 2023 tanks in 441

At the beginning of 2023, Ukraine announced the transfer of 441 tanks.

2023 could be a record year for the number of tanks transferred to Ukraine. To date, the delivery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been announced for at least 441 combat vehicles, and deliveries may increase even more.

According to open sources, at the beginning of 2023 Ukraine announced the delivery of 441 tanks - 129 tanks of Soviet and Russian production, as well as 312 tanks of Western production.

At the moment, the largest supplier of tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is Germany, which promised to provide Ukraine with 102 Leopard 1 and Leopard 2A6 tanks, however, the second largest supplier is not a European country at all and not even a NATO member - 99 T-74EA tanks (a modernized version of the T-72EA tank). XNUMX) Morocco will provide Ukraine.

According to analysts, in 2023 Ukraine may well receive about 600 tanks, since the Czech Republic, Sweden and a number of other countries have not yet decided on deliveries.

The active supply of tanks to the armament of Ukraine can lead to an extremely serious escalation, since it was previously established that due to the lack of these combat vehicles in Ukraine, the latter cannot develop an offensive.


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