OTRK Iskander


Iskander OTRK convoy spotted 8 kilometers from the border with Ukraine

The Iskander OTRK convoy was spotted 8 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

A few hours ago, residents of the settlements of Stolin, Struga and Voroni (Brest region, Belarus) noticed a convoy of 8 units of military equipment, which included the Iskander OTRK, just 7 kilometers from the border of Ukraine. The latter, as stated, are actually located on the very border of Belarus and Ukraine.

As follows from the information provided by Belarusian sources, the column of military equipment moved from the side of Stolin and subsequently headed for the area of ​​the state border of Belarus. It is reported that Belarusian military equipment was moving as part of the military convoy. In this regard, we can talk about the Iskander OTRK, which earlier, according to Lukashenka, Belarus bought from Russia.

The purpose of deploying the Iskander OTRK on the border of Belarus and Ukraine is still unknown, since the Belarusian side is not officially participating in a special military operation, however, taking into account the range of the Iskander OTRK, the deployment of tactical missile systems in this direction makes it possible to take control of the entire the western part of Ukraine, up to the border with Hungary and Romania.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has not yet commented on the data on the deployment of complexes on the Ukrainian border.