At the airport in Atlanta, lightning struck a passenger airplane

A passenger of an American airline filmed unique shots of a direct lightning strike on an airplane.

An eyewitness who took off the airport runway Atlanta, Was on board another aircraft, awaiting permission to take off, while, in the video, in a few hundred meters passenger airliner Boeing 737Owned airline "United Airlines"Hit by lightning.

As learned from Atlanta airport press reports, as a result of the incident, neither passengers nor crew members were injured - an electrical discharge passed through an external circuit, however, despite this, the flight was canceled to comply with the procedure for inspecting the aircraft for possible damage.

Incidents with lightning hit aircraft often occur, however, due to the fact that often electric discharge passes through the outer contour, it is possible to do without victims and injured. According to experts, the greatest danger is the lightning strike for light-engine aircraft - as a rule, any incident of this kind leads to a catastrophe.