Domodedovo airport


At the Domodedovo airport burned ground floor

Fire at the airport Domodedovo disrupted the capital's air hub.

Currently it found that the spread of flames metropolitan Domodedovo started from the basement, thus, fire area was about 20 square meters. As a result of operative actions of firefighters and rescuers to locate the flames were quickly, and in the course of the incident no one was hurt.

To date, the airport has already returned to its normal operation, but the information portal received information that as a result of the incident a fire forced the evacuation of at least three thousand passengers, and in addition, because of the emergency situation had to be delayed departures aircraft.

The reasons for the incident of fire in Moscow's Domodedovo airport currently remain unknown, however, experts say that inflicted material damage is minimal, although the risk of further spread of the fire is still there.


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