Hong Kong Airport


The airport of Hong Kong being sought bag with a million New Zealand dollars

At the airport Hong Kong We lost a bag with millions of New Zealand dollars.

According to the Air Resources disposable Avia.pro information, one of the thirteen bags of money, which had to be subsequently transferred to the Bank of China, has been lost in Hong Kong airport. Initially it was assumed that the bag would be stolen by employees of the airline "Cathay Pacific"However, according to the official acts of reception, it was found that all the bags of money were handed over to the Hong Kong airport to the proper amount.

At the moment, there is evidence that during the transportation of money bags, three of them fell out overboard a special car, however, subsequently, the airport staff managed to find only two bags.

Checking the CCTV has not given any results regarding the order where she could disappear bag with one million New Zealand dollars (about 38 million rubles - Ed...), And is now conducted an investigation with the participation of as the Hong Kong police and special agencies.