Khabarovsk Airport


At the airport of Khabarovsk looking for a bomb

Khabarovsk Airport was evacuated due to a bomb report.

According to the aviation resource, the information about the bomb located on the territory Khabarovsk airport Received the law enforcement officers in 5 hours 30 minutes local time. Almost immediately after the threat, the airport, including both the passengers and the staff of the air hub, was completely evacuated, and the cynologists and sappers who arrived at the site began to search for the bomb.

After a nearly two-hour search, neither a bomb nor any traces of explosives were detected on the territory of the airport complex, and the message itself was given false status.

Khabarovsk airport staff noted that the emergency did not affect the arrival and departure timetables, and the air hub itself is currently operating normally.

The police are trying to track down the attacker who reported on the airport's mining, but, at the moment, there is no information on this.


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