Unidentified assailants attacked Russian helicopter at Kabul airport

At the Kabul International Airport, unknown assailants attacked a Russian helicopter.

At the Kabul International Airport, a group of unidentified persons attacked a Russian helicopter evacuating people from Afghanistan. The incident, apparently, occurred during the evacuation of UN special envoys from Afghanistan. At the moment, the aircraft is under increased security and moved to a safe place.

UTair (one of the largest Russian air carriers - editor's note) told RIA Novosti that at the Kabul airport, unknown persons boarded its helicopter, opened a container with rescue equipment, including food supplies, and damaged the internal sheathing. Now, looted on August 17, the car has been relocated to a safe place, - the company said "- RIA Novosti reports.

It is known that no one, except for the foreign military, could approach the Russian helicopter, since the Kabul International Airport was guarded by the NATO military. In this regard, it is the foreign troops that fall under suspicion in the first place.

How badly the Russian helicopter was damaged is unknown, however, apparently, such an attack did not affect its flight capabilities.

Experts do not exclude that unknown persons could have tried to steal a Russian rotorcraft, but for various reasons they could not do it.

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