Explosion in Kabul


At least two rockets exploded at Kabul airport

Two rockets exploded at Kabul International Airport.

According to the Al-Jazeera news agency, several rockets fired by members of the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia - ed.) Exploded at the Kabul International Airport. According to already confirmed data, at least two missiles fell on the territory of the air harbor. There is no information about the injured, the victims and the destruction by the current hour. However, it was previously assumed that the American C-RAM complex destroyed all five missiles fired in the direction of the Kabul International Airport. This indicates that in reality, the terrorists unleashed many more attacks on the airport than was originally reported.

At the moment, it was not possible to find the area of ​​the attack of the terrorists of the "Islamic State". Experts believe that new attacks should be expected in the near future, which, due to the appearance of MLRS militants, creates a much stronger threat.

Experts do not exclude that the terrorists of the "Islamic State" could also take possession of portable anti-aircraft missile systems. This, against the backdrop of continuing evacuation flights from Afghanistan, creates a threat that the militants may try to attack both military and civilian aircraft.