Kemerovo Airport


In Kemerovo airport passenger scandal because of the honey jars

A passenger at the Kemerovo airport made a scandal over a can of honey.

According to the information portal, the conflict between the passenger and the employees of the Kemerovo airport occurred the day before, and as it turned out later, the 30-year-old man tried to carry a can of honey in the hand luggage on board the aircraft, but did not take into account the actual volume of it, The responding workers of the air hub forced the man to transfer the honey to the common luggage, or to give it to the citizens who saw him off. Nevertheless, the passenger decided to make a scandal, and demonstratively opening the tank with honey, began pouring the contents into a container for clean shoe covers, accompanying his actions with obscene language against the workers of the airport and the carrier.

Subsequently, the failed passenger was detained by the law enforcement bodies of the Kemerovo airport, which had drawn up an administrative offense report regarding petty hooliganism regarding it.


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