Beechcraft 35 Bonanza


At the Milwaukee airport, a light-engine aircraft crashed

In the wreck of a light-engine aircraft in the United States, one person died.

A plane crash involving a Beechcraft M35 Bonanza single-engine light aircraft took place at the Milwaukee airport, and according to the information available to the news agency, the incident was caused by a pilot error that landed at a very large angle, but all the circumstances are currently being clarified, as The pilot who was at the helm of the aircraft had a lot of experience in piloting, and therefore it is possible that the incident could be caused by a technical malfunction.

The catastrophe occurred about 18 hours local time, while it was assumed that on board, besides the pilot himself, there could be other passengers, however, later this information was disproved.

Experts do not exclude that the life of the pilot could have been saved, but when the plane crashed the aircraft caught fire, and by the time the fire crew arrived, the man had already died.