An-12 cargo plane


At the airport in Minsk, an air cargo plane

An An-12 cargo plane crashed at the Minsk National Airport.

According to, the aircraft belongs to the Belarusian airline "RubiStar", while during the incident, none of the eight crew members who were on board the transport aircraft at that moment were not injured.

At the moment, there was no official information about the incident that occurred, however, it became known from the employees of the Belarusian airport that the plane was flying to Belgorod, however, some time after departure from the capital of Belarus, the commander decided to return because of the danger. presumably of a technical nature.

At the moment, on the fact of the incident that has occurred, a check is being made, and it is possible that an emergency situation could arise due to insufficient quality of the pre-flight service of the aircraft.


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