Rostov-on-Don Airport


At the airport of Rostov-on-Don emergency landing two planes

In Rostov airport during the day made an unscheduled landing just two passenger aircraft.

According to the news portal, last night at the airport Rostov-on-Don made an emergency landing airliner Airbus A320, En route from Anapa to Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. As it turned out later, the emergency landing of an airliner has been associated with the condition of one of the passengers, who in the course of the flight became ill.

The second unplanned landing at the airport of Rostov-on-Don took place this morning - in 5 30 hours local time, a passenger plane en route from Ufa to Sochi, was forced to land because of the illness of one of the passenger.

According to preliminary data, unplanned landings did not lead to long delays, and all passengers, because of which emergency landings were made, were provided with qualified assistance.