Yakutsk Airport


In Yakutsk airport urgently sat airliner

Airplane airline "Yakutia" urgently villages in Yakutsk air harbor.

As it became known to Avia.pro aviation resource, passenger aircraft Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, belonging to the airline "Yakutia", operated a flight from Yakutsk to Mirny, however, some time after the departure, an alarm went off on board notifying about the problems of adjusting the air supply, in connection with which the crew decided to return to the airport of departure.

As a result of the emergency landing, none of the passengers and crew members aboard was injured, however, due to the incident, at least a six-hour delay was noted.

As it became known, experts were not able at the moment to establish the specific cause of the incident, which is why, in fact, a notice about the problem might be false.