Taliban terrorists


In Afghanistan, they found a way to destroy a couple of thousand Taliban in a few hours

The Taliban fear the largest ambush by Afghan resistance forces.

Despite the fact that the forces of the Taliban terrorist movement (banned in Russia - ed.) Were able to enter the Afghan province of Panjshir, only about 20% of the territory of this region is under Taliban control. Currently, up to 8 thousand militias and former Afghan soldiers may be in Panjshir, and the Taliban are very afraid of a possible fall into a major ambush, since their forces can be defeated in just a few hours.

At the moment, it is known that the Taliban terrorist movement is seriously worried by earlier reports that the militia forces, calling themselves the National Resistance Front, may blow up a tunnel on the Salang Pass. This will not only extremely difficult communication between the southern and northern parts of Afghanistan, but in fact, will enable the militias to encircle several thousand Taliban, because without the support of the allied forces, the latter can be defeated in just a few hours.

A similar practice has already been applied in Afghanistan. In particular, in 1997, a tunnel on the Salang pass was already blown up, as a result of which the terrorists were quickly surrounded and destroyed. This does not exclude a repetition of a similar situation.

Against the background of the existing threat, the Taliban forces have significantly strengthened the protection of the tunnel, deploying here not only their units, but also armored vehicles.

In 1997, the Tajiks blew up the tunnel in Salang. And he didn’t work for 5 years. I don’t remember that this prevented the Taliban from ruling Afghanistan.