Almaty Airport


Plane with mercenaries of PMC "Wagner" has landed in Almaty

A plane with mercenaries from Wagner PMC has landed in Almaty.

Several hours ago, a Russian Il-76 plane landed at the Almaty airport (before the air harbor was seized by protesters - editor's note), with about 300 mercenaries from the private military company Wagner on board. Military specialists will have to clear the territory of the city from radicals in order to regain control over it, local Telegram communities report.

According to the Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky, the main task of the Russian mercenaries will be to protect the Baikonur cosmodrome from being captured by radicals, since there is information that the protesters intend to take control of this facility, which provides an opportunity not only for launching spacecraft, but also for almost complete control over spacecraft in orbit of the planet. This also applies to the military space satellites of Russia.

“The forces of the (formally and officially non-existent) PMC“ Wagner ”can be thrown into Kazakhstan under the pretext of ensuring the safety of the Baikonur cosmodrome, so as not to introduce regular troops and at the same time to support the raining Kazakh security officials. Isn't it time for E. V. Prigozhin to head Roscosmos? In this case, D.O. Rogozin could become the Secretary General of the CSTO. This is especially important in the run-up to negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States and NATO on "security guarantees." We look, we follow ", - Belkovsky informs.

This is far from the first mention of the fact that members of the Russian PMC have already been transferred to Kazakhstan, however, at the moment there is no confirmation of such data. Nevertheless, a few hours ago one Russian Il-76 military aircraft did land in Almaty.

PMC "wagner" ----- "any whim for your money." slogan of Russian mercenaries

Mr. Belkovsky has absolutely no reliable information. Decided, as always, to catch the hype at the event. It's funny and embarrassing to read.

I wonder why they need to fly to Alma-Ata, and then to Baikonur, if there is an airfield at Baikonur?
Yubileiny is an experimental aviation airfield in the Kyzylorda region of Kazakhstan. It is located in the northern part of the Baikonur cosmodrome, 40 km north-north-west of the city of Baikonur (at site 251 of the Baikonur cosmodrome) in the Ushkyzyl desert tract.
The Jubilee airfield is out-of-class, capable of receiving all types of aircraft (including the An-225 Mriya). The maximum take-off weight of the aircraft is 392 tons.

In Alma-Ata.
"The leadership of Kazakhstan has turned to the heads of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization for help in overcoming the terrorist threat," President of the Republic Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev said today, January 5.

Tokayev called what is happening in the republic an external aggression, noting that it is about a threat to the integrity of the state and attacks on citizens. According to him, terrorists seize buildings with weapons, attack cadets of military schools, and near Alma-Ata there is a battle between terrorist gangs and airborne units. ... "

Political scientist Belkovsky is not aware of the situation. All his previous conclusions and predictions did not come true and turned out to be a lie.

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I will go myself, for a friendly republic !!!!! It is impossible to give up the cosmodrome, as well as the base in Crimea and Crimea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope Kazakhs will dispose of illegal PMCs