Calls to replace the Russian military with the US army began in Armenia

The political party of Armenia spoke in favor of replacing the Russian military in the country with an American army.

The leader of the political opposition Sasna Tsrer party, Zhirayr Sefilyan, at a meeting with local citizens unexpectedly announced that the Russian military would soon leave Armenia, and therefore today the Russian military group should be replaced by American troops. The clearly anti-Russian rhetoric of the leader of an opposition political party testifies to the fact that they are trying to present Russia as an undesirable ally to Armenia, apparently explaining this by the recently lost conflict between Yerevan and Baku.

In his speech, Zhirayr Sefilyan said that the Russian military would soon leave Armenia, and, according to him, Russia will do it on its own, however, at the moment the country needs to look for new protection, against the background of which Zhirayr Sefilyan proposed to turn to the United States for help. which, by the way, is very unusual, since Russia is considered one of the most important allies of Armenia.

Judging by the video footage presented, local residents treat Zhirayr Sefilyan's words with obvious distrust, however, the very fact that representatives of Armenia are beginning to conduct openly anti-Russian rhetoric raises very serious concerns.