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Armenia admitted that one of Iskander's missiles was intercepted by Azerbaijani air defense

One of the best tactical missiles in Russia was intercepted by cheap Azerbaijani air defense.

Armenia confirmed earlier rumors that the Iskander missile was intercepted by the Azerbaijani military a few days before the end of the armed conflict in Karabakh. As it turned out, one of the best and most accurate Russian tactical missiles was intercepted by the relatively cheap Barak-8 air defense system.

“The Iskander ballistic missile was launched by Yerevan directly at the capital a few days before the ceasefire. This worried Azerbaijani officials. But the missile defense system operated by the Azerbaijani armed forces, the Israeli Barak-8, shot it down. The continued use of these missiles could indeed exacerbate the situation on the ground. And I think, among other things, this convinced the leadership of Azerbaijan to agree to a ceasefire. "- said Colonel-General of the Armenian Army Movses Hakobyan.

It is noteworthy that the Russian side completely denied information that Iskander complexes were involved in the conflict on the territory of Karabakh, however, such information, in turn, is also refuted by the publication of a video recording on which you can see the launches of two OTRK missiles Iskander.

Experts draw attention to the fact that if one of the best tactical missiles in Russia was indeed intercepted by a relatively inexpensive Israeli-made air defense system, this could create quite big problems for the defense capability of Russia, since in recent years the Russian side has been betting precisely on the development of tactical missile systems.

Complete nonsense, Iskander's hypersonic aeroballistic missiles, maneuvering in flight along the course and altitude at all stages of flight, are not capable of intercepting any air defense system in the world.

Why is it that instead of photographing the wreckage of the allegedly downed 9M723 missile, they use a photograph of the rear of the S-200 missile defense system? :)
The Barak-ER is not even designed to intercept conventional ballistic missiles with a launch range of up to 280 km. Only no more than 150-200 km. The 9M723 missiles are not ordinary ballistic missiles, but ballistic-gliding or, in Western terminology, quasi-ballistic, providing maneuvering with lateral overloads up to 35 g at high altitudes. It is unlikely that even the S-300V4, THAAD and S-400 will cope with the interception of such targets. What can we say about the Barak-ER air defense system with a maximum SAM speed of only about 700 m / s and far from the best ELM-2288LR radar? And it is already obvious to all sane people that neither Iskander nor LORA were used in Karabakh.

The fact that at first Pashinyal started a "game" called "Iskander not fully exploded," but later picked up by an Israeli publication, speaks of a conspiracy under the strict control of the United States.)))
Only President Aliyev assured that there were no Iskander launches, and then Pashinyan himself, pressed by the opposition, made an "apology" for "incorrect information" .... The Israeli media were left alone with the fake thrown in .. :))
Perhaps the launches were the Elbrus TV and Radio Company, but definitely not the Iskander (Armenia does not seem to have enough of them to ignore its own defense, launch them for Karabakh, unprepared for defense by Pashinyan)