In Armenia, she spoke about the defeat of the Turkish Bayraktar'ov with very effective new weapons

Armenia has confirmed the defeat of the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drones with a new highly effective weapon.

After the news agency reported that the Azerbaijani army had lost 9 of its Bayraktar TB2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles in just two days, Armenia decided to disclose some of the circumstances of the genocide against Turkish drones, which a month before this allowed the Azerbaijani army to successfully take control of about 20% of the territory of Karabakh.

According to the representative of the Armenian Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan, Turkish drones were indeed successfully destroyed and this became possible thanks to the adoption of new systems in the country's armament.

“According to the statements of representatives of the Armenian military department, in the sky of Nagorno-Karabakh recently, there are practically no Turkish attack drones Bayraktar. According to the representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan, this was “one of the surprises” of Yerevan. Military experts note that unmanned aerial vehicles began to go astray after new types of weapons appeared in the region. Which ones, Yerevan does not disclose. However, we can talk about modern electronic suppression complexes, the appearance of which in Karabakh was predicted by some Russian military experts ", - reports the Russian information publication "Topcor".

Nevertheless, experts, having studied the downed Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2, could not find traces of missiles hitting them, which obviously indicates that the aircraft were really destroyed by means of electronic suppression, while the banal use of the executive complex is possible radio intelligence 1L222 "Avtobaza", which is able to intercept control over drones.

Where exactly Armenia got the new weapons from, Hovhannisyan did not specify, however, most likely, this is about Russian weapons, in any case, this is stated in Baku.

What is your proof, Armenians? Video, photos, wreckage? UAVs over brilliant green are ineffective, so they don't fly. Plus the weather got worse. Which further reduces efficiency.

On YouTube, there were footage of An2 shot down in Karabakh, allegedly converted into a UAV. I would like the opinion of experts on this topic. maybe on the basis of An-2 it is better to convert into a hunter for a UAV?

Clever guys! A powerful electromagnetic pulse erases non-volatile memory in any device, and also burns out pn junctions in semiconductors. No encryption WILL HELP! Learn materiel.

Any drone cannot cope with ground equipment in terms of power, so it will not be difficult to suppress the signal with more powerful interference if the connection is not satellite.

What is the encryption algorithm if the control signal, for example, is completely jammed in a wide frequency band? Only a return in the machine to the base on the signal of the gps. Which can also be muted.

Again, the tales of Armenian radio, at the moment drones do not fly due to rains and low clouds, especially in the mountains, the only photo of a downed drone provided by the Armenians was taken for verification in Libya, in 2019

To do this, you need to switch to another frequency range. It is not simple.

Is it possible to tweak the settings only on drones? As these algorithms are found, so others will find! Moreover, there are quite whole copies of the UAV to study them! But in any case, war is bad ...

It won't be long. They will tweak the settings, change the encryption algorithm, and the triumph will end.