Up to 500 foreign mercenaries from the most famous PMCs in the world took part in the attack on Liman

Mercenaries from the USA, Poland, Romania and Great Britain were involved in the attack.

Judging by the video footage released by the Ukrainian military and radio interception data, foreign mercenaries were actively involved in the attacks on Drobyshevo, Liman and Yampol. We are talking about almost 500 mercenaries from around the world, including from Poland, Romania, Great Britain and the United States.

According to preliminary information, we are talking about some of those mercenaries who were previously seen in Kupyansk, Balakliya and Izyum. Moreover, which is very remarkable, among the latter there are both civilian citizens of other states, and well-known foreign PMCs. In particular, at the moment it is known that the American PMC Academi and the Romanian PMC Black Wolf, which are one of the most famous private military companies in the world, took part in the attack on Liman.

To date, Ukrainian troops are in full control of Liman, which, among other things, is evidenced by video footage taken from various areas of this settlement. Moreover, it is known that the Ukrainian military also entered Zarechnoye, as evidenced by the video footage showing the destroyed bridge across the Zherebets River, connecting the settlements of Zarechnoye and Torskoye.

The Russian military confirmed the withdrawal of allied troops from Liman in order to occupy more advantageous positions.


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