Plane with Turkish military sent to Karabakh lands in Azerbaijan

The first military airbase with Turkish servicemen sent to Karabakh landed in Lankaran.

A few hours ago, contrary to the statements of the Russian side that Turkey would not take part in the peacekeeping operation on the territory of Karabakh, an Airbus A400 plane landed in Lankaran, which brought several dozen military personnel from Turkey, who have already been sent to Karabakh. Thus, the Turkish President has demonstrated that he completely ignores the Russian side in matters concerning Turkey's personal interests in this region.

“A military transport aircraft Airbus A400M of the Turkish Air Force has arrived in Azerbaijani Lankaran. Earlier, the Turkish parliament approved the deployment of military personnel in a neighboring country to participate in the work of a joint monitoring center with Russia in Karabakh. At the moment, there is no exact information where the Turkish "observers" will be located on the territory of Azerbaijan "- “The Telegram” channel “Military observer” reports about this.

According to some reports, in the evening two more aircraft with Turkish military on board flew from Turkey, which indicates that. that several hundred Turkish servicemen have already been deployed to Karabakh, although earlier it was asserted that it could be about 1,5-2 Turkish military personnel.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the joint peacekeeping operation with the Turkish military, however, apparently, the situation in Karabakh will gradually deteriorate.

Dream wise guy. There is no Azerbaijani nation. It was recorded for us in 1937. Before that, Turks were written in our passports. So Azerbaijan and Turkey are one country. And the Armenians have always called us Turks - you can ask them.

apparently, the situation in Karabakh will not gradually deteriorate, since no Turks will enter any Karabakh. They will stand somewhere further away, outside the collision zone of the parties. Only Russian peacekeepers will remain directly in this zone. Anything else is impossible without the consent of both sides, and Armenia will never agree that its Turks separate from Azerbaijan.



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