Unmanned jihad-mobiles began to be used in Bakhmut

Mercenaries in Bakhmut began using jihad mobiles loaded with explosives.

Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries, who continue to keep Bakhmut under their control, have begun using unmanned jihad vehicles to carry out their attacks. The latter are loaded with tons of explosives and a large number of damaging elements, including fragments of already exploding ammunition, after which they are sent to the positions of the Wagner PMC.

One of these unmanned jihad vehicles was demonstrated by mercenaries from the Caucasus fighting on the side of Ukraine. In the photographs presented, you can see that the truck is loaded with various kinds of ammunition, including anti-tank mines, MLRS shells, a detonating cord, etc. There are also submunitions that, when detonated, can scatter, taking into account the explosives used, at a distance of up to half a kilometer, which makes such weapons very dangerous.

The jihad mobile itself is equipped with temporary protection elements that allow the vehicle to reach the point of detonation, while the jihad mobile is controlled remotely.

At the moment, reliable facts of the use of such jihad mobiles have not yet been demonstrated, however, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are actively used.


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