The collapse of the glider


In Bashkiria broke two hang gliders

Two people were killed in a glider crash in Bashkiria.

The tragic news came from Bashkiria, on the eve of the day, at the same time, to the best of news agency reports, the cause of the crash of the glider in Bakalinsky District became the breaking of the left wing. Specialists working at the moment on the glider crash site, note that survive the two men did not have virtually no chance - the aircraft at the time of the incident he was at a high altitude, and fell almost vertically.

The results of the investigation at this point is not yet announced, however, does not exclude the version that the incident could be related to poor preparation of the aircraft for the implementation of the flight, and in addition, are also considered and the circumstances that the glider could be overloaded, thus, an extremely large mass could disrupt the carrying capacity of the glider, which led to tragic consequences.